The world has shifted massively in the past few decades; making it harder and harder to figure out what path is best – what will lead to success, and which path will be unfruitful. 

With the creation of technology, jobs are being added and subtracted by the day, making each one of your steps more and more important. 

Only 33% of students that enter a college cohort, will graduate in 4 years, and only ½, meaning 50% of the total cohort will graduate from school, period.

This is alarming, considering the average college drop-out makes $35,000, all while racking up $37,000 in student loans. 

Moreover, students are changing their majors more than ever, to the tune of 4 times in their academic career, making it harder and more expensive to go to college. 

Whether you are a 17 year old preparing for their first year of college, still not entirely sure where to go, what to study, and how you are going to finance your education; or if you are a 34 year old, parent of two, looking to the future, and wanting more for yourself – Zotesy is here. 

At Zotesy, our singular focus is helping you, the student, figure out the best educational and occupational journey for you, based on you aptitudes, based on your likes, desires, and dreams.

We help you figure out where you should pursue your journey, what you should study on this journey, AND how you will pay for this journey –

Considering over $1bn of scholarship money was left on the table last year, we think we can help you find some moolah – and just as important, we are going to help you find the internships that will inevitably get you the job of your dreams. 

It’s really as simple as that – if you give us 15 minutes of your time, we help you define the next 30 years of your life, the right way, your way; your education, your way. 

Go to our homepage, and when you sign up, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a pair of AirPod Pros.

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