What is Zotesy?

Zotesy is the first ever education recommendation engine.

Our platform allows students to take our proprietary assessment, which results in successfully matching them to their perfect schools, majors, and the financial resources afforded to them.

We are dedicated to optimizing the educational journey for students of all ages; from High School transitioning to College or Trade School, to Miltary veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

Who runs Zotesy?

We are a group of technologists and engineers, dedicated to helping students find their perfect educational journey, that will bring personal and professional success.

Where is Zotesy?

Based in Denver, Colorado, we are a United States based company that has team members in several time zones.

Why Zotesy?

The current model of how students find their school, major, and financing is lacking care, efficiency, and thought – we exist because our vision is to make this process painless and fun!

How do I get in contact with Zotesy?

support@zotesy.com – we look forward to hearing from you!

Only colleges, though?

We recognize that not everyone wants to go to college and for that reason, we have included trade schools as well.

We are Zotesy

We are a group of engineers, former students, and business people who believe there is a better, more efficient way to engage and help students, parents, and counselors in providing advice or making important decisions when it comes to the next step in a student’s education.