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Our platform matches you with the perfect school, major, internships and scholarships!

    School Selection

    With over 4,724 2- year, 4-year institutions, and many more when considering trade schools, it’s hard to decide which path will fit your desires, needs, and goals best; that’s where we come in.

    Grants & Scholarships

    Last year, over $1 Billion Dollars of scholarship money was left on the table. Being that a lack of personal finances is the number one reason students leave school, we identify all of the grants, scholarships, and loans available to you and for you.

    Majors & Concentrations

    With over 150+ majors, it is becoming increasingly, challenging for students to identify their true interests and aptitudes with a corresponding college major, and that’s one of the many reasons we exist.


    With thousands of opportunities for on-the-job experience, it’s hard to discern which internships will provide you with the experience and connections you need, in order to advance your career alongside your studies; Zotesy will find the opportunities perfect for you.

    Discover Your Dream

    Using our comprehensive analysis, we are able to identify and recommend the perfect colleges, majors, scholarships, and internships for you; eliminating the uncertainty and waste of guessing.

    Finding the perfect school, major, financing, and internships is a critical decision, we take out the guess work!

    About Zotesy

    At Zotesy, we are dedicated to helping students find and start an educational journey that is tailored specifically to them; in a world where there are many options, we provide clarity.

    We leverage our comprehensive analysis and recommendation engine to provide educational solutions tailored to you or your student(s).

    Our platform not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to explore options that you may have never considered; we are dedicated to helping you discover the perfect school, the perfect major, and the financial means that will set you up for success in college and beyond.

    Surprising Statistics

    Total Colleges/Universities


    Average Student Debt


    Avg Time To Graduation

    6 Years

    % of Student Dropouts


    Avg Number of Major Changes

    3 Times

    Be first to try Zotesy

    Our platform matches you with the perfect school, major, internships and scholarships!

      Who We Are

      We are a group of engineers, former students, and business people who believe there is more efficient way to engage students, parents, and faculties in providing advice and making important decisions every step in a student's journey.

      The Need

      We believe the current model of how students are identifying their education's future is wasteful, inefficient, and lacking the care and customization it deserves.

      Our Mission

      We are dedicating ourselves in the pursuit of helping students identify the perfect higher education ecosystem, the best major, and the proper financing, to allow them to have a desirable educational experience.